About Counselling

I work in a person centred way.  For me this means offering a safe place where you will be treated with respect, honesty and empathy.  I will listen and offer reflections in order to make sure I am understanding fully what you are saying. I will also offer thoughts or feelings I may have to see if they resonate with you.  Together we will work to explore what is troubling you or impacting on your life in some way.

Person-centred therapy is based on the belief that everyone has the capacity for growth and change; indeed, that you strive towards this and have the capacity within yourself to fulfil your potential. Sometimes our experiences and circumstances impact in a negative way leaving us feeling distressed and confused, and we can become stuck in ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.

Exploring and recognising these patterns in therapy can help us to make sense of what we are feeling and work toward a more balanced way of being.

At times in life, challenges arise and can feel overwhelming.  When this happens it can sometimes be difficult to discuss with those closest to us.  We may not want to burden others or may feel that we should be able to cope.  Ultimately this can add to the distress we already feel and increase a feeling of isolation.

As we go through life things change. We may experience the loss of people close to us, relationships change, we grow older and our role in life can also change.

This may be our role within our family, in a working environment or other situations.

How we respond to these challenges can influence both how we move forward and how we develop as people..

I understand that life can be difficult at times and we cannot always articulate what is actually wrong.  Talking to someone in a safe and unconditional space can often help us to identify and make sense of what is troubling for us. The simple act of saying something out loud can be very powerful and perhaps shift what was previously unknown to something more tangible.

Counselling can help to provide greater understanding and awareness. It can increase our trust in ourselves and our own judgement which in turn can lead to 

a decrease in such things as feelings of guilt, insecurity and defensiveness.

This can also help enable better relationships, increased confidence in self expression and personal development.

Finally, all of these things can result in an overall improvement in mental health and help us move forward in our lives.